Cunt of the Year 2017


What game was that?


2005 Leinster semi final. Red scored the rebound.


Ah yes the day Ciaran Whelan got a yellow card for kicking David Murphy in the chest.




And a big cry baby to boot. A pathetic individual.


ah it was misjudged, sure Murphy just ran into the wheelie bin

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Didn’t that tramp Ciaran Duff kick a lad in the head in All Ireland final once. Cunt should have been jailed. I’d rather a GPS be thrown at me than being kicked in the head.


Ah Duff wasn’t that type of player…


hi @the_mixer_walsh you seem to have a good grasp on this. You seem to feel that Tyrell was good enough to be considered up there with the better hurlers of Cody’s reign and that together with his relative level of coherence (agrarian farmer, kilkenny), you reckon this should make for a good read.
Assuming that someone like Shefflin was towards the top ranking hurlers but lacks the cerebral wherewithal to put his thoughts on paper, maybe Tyrell is perhaps slightly too far down the pecking order in terms of hurling prowess to match his relative coherence.
If i were a budding book publisher and i was looking for a potentially successful book deal with a KK hurler, who would you say would come close to Sheefflins level of hurling abilitty with Tyrells relative coherence?
i have mapped this out on the grid below to help you see what i am looking for. I have referred to the desired quadrant as ‘The Book Club’. IMG_1545




Eddie o Connor without a doubt





Who Redmond?


He got a 12 month suspension for that.


Better place.



Every single cunt in this absolute cuntfest of a video:


Good that we didn’t show them any of the shonky stadia like Castlebar or Cork in that video.


Castlebar is a grand stadium.