Cunt of the Year 2017


What’s the significance of Francis Fitzgerald wearing a carpet, I wonder.


She was rolling around the floor of Flan Costello’s upstairs tavern and it stuck to her


The cunt Jennifer Gannon who reviews TV on The Last Word.

A right cuntish cunt of a cunt.


I haven’t watched it but I’m still giving that a like.



Do arise and go. Go fuck off.


Al Doyle - LSD Sound System


Paul Dunne golfer



Have a look at the cunts interview when they asked him about the fans support today. He said it was more important to talk about the sponsors and the golf course ownee


+1,000. Obviously everyone involved in golf is an absolute wanker but this guy seems like a different level of cunt altogether. Straight onto twitter to thank Davy and his 9 other sponsors.


Davy who?


Davy Fitz. He’s giving €30k of the stash he gets from Wexford GAA to this golfer nob.


It’s a pity we’ve nobody on tfk who could take a golfer on on twitter after he’s won a tournament.






7 erroneous likes, Als not Irish. I believe it’s LCD Sodastream btw


Correct, he’s English in an American band called LCD Soundsystem.


I’d say he has more sponsors than fans in fairness


here it is - a corporate lickspittle and a vomit inducing headline