Cunt of the Year 2017



Everything Geldof said about Eire in the 70s turned out to be true in mitigation to the cunt.


Nearing the end of the year now. Is there any stand out candidates for this most prestigious of awards?


Alison goes again.


@Copper_pipe’s ex Mrs. For stringing him along. The cunt.


Geldof and Tom Humphries.


It’s between David Walsh, Donal Og Cusack and that cunt that paints himself, and his son, blue/green depending on what game he is going to.


It’s between any of the 30 ‘Irish’ international rugby players. Geldof. David Walsh. Philip Browne CEO of Irish rugger Inc.


It has been a stellar year so far for cunts. The national competitive spirit has moved us a long way from considering the likes of bad DJ’s and two-bit politicians.


Say it all when Niall Harbison, Paddy Cosgrove and Bressie haven’t featured prominently

PS nominating all three in case they haven’t already been nominated on account of being by all time cunts


Add Williams to this and I think we can lock the thread.


A straight shoot out between Pau;l Williams and Geldof… what a pair


Surely Geldof has some sort of “Lifetime Achievement” cunt award that makes him ineligible? He’ll walk it most years otherwise


Geldof could go the way of Gay Byrne and never win it.

Cusack or Walsh for me anyway.


I would say it’s almost impossible to live up to last year. The final last year was a proper selection of true cunts.


The lad who paints himself and rings the meeja in self delight is just, well, the word was invented for him.


“A true Brit with true grit”


hopefully the clergy come out to support Seamus Darby


Thats a tricky one. If either are under consideration then surely Humphries has to win. Unless you think he is less of a cunt for actually doing the crime than those who supported him. A tricky one


The crime wasn’t committed this year