Cunt of the Year 2017


Hes still a cunt this year though. The likes of Geldof is in based on accrued behaviour over decades


Well no, Geldof was mentioned today because of what he did today


Missed this, what he do?


@The_Selfish_Giant is a big Kerry GGA man


Played GGA.
That’s enough.


. thought the prods were against gays.


William of Orange was a flaming homosexual.


Tony O’Donoghue


An utter cunt




Mind boggling


Small time


A poor man’s Geoff Shreeves


Not necessarily so. Humphries peak cunt when he was committing his offences. Donal og should walk it for trying to get a shorter sentence for humphries by lauding his activities which got him access for his victim

Then compounded it with his statement saying he doesn’t want to talk about it any more. All after he was exposed. A sneaky cunt


Colm Parkinson.

Having a go at James McClean on Twitter now. :rollseyes:


Damien English. A slimey cunt.


Jesus. I know TFK is a bastion of free speech but that’s a disgraceful comment about anyone regardless of their actions.


Aye. I wouldn’t insult poor Geoff by comparing them


Who’s Geoff shreeves, and what has he done?