Cunt of the Year 2017


Lottie Ryan


The Connacht Council.


Dick Clerkin


What have they done now?


Pulling out of the InterProvincials.




Listened to the podcast I see


Nope, just see the cunt moaning again.


Listened to most recent podcast. He is all over the place and banging mental health drum. He is a bright lad and that comes across but obviously at a cross roads in terms of what he wants to be


He could take the bag off his head for a start.


Mental health is so 2017






Because I said so.




"I want to talk about mental health"

Well of course you do, you’re a grown man wearing a fucking bag on your head you fucking nutjob.


Blindboy has rattled the fuck out MBB


I’ve the forum elite on my side here. On the other side, is just you and your mangina.


odd the amount of anger @glasagusban brings from the schoolyard bullies


Mate, I’m criticising that weirdo who wears a bag on his head. I cant help it if tinks wants in on this.

Wait, am I bully? Fucking A!