Cunt of the Year 2017


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Blind boy puts the capitalism into mental health


Bressie is fuckin’ seething


Bressie’s banging bitches left right and centre

‘Blindboy’ man is just robbing bags out of Centra.


Is the podcast any good?


Blind boys short stories are fucking mental, there’s one about Sam Neill in Bunratty castle that’s daycent.


I enjoyed it. Must listen to episode 2 as he seems to have told some mad story


What’s the podcast called?


The blindboy podcast.

Enjoying it so far


Dunno that, he has a book of very weird short stories out that I’ve been dipping into, i love how he drives the usual suspects demented


A cunt with a plastic bag tied around his face, complaining of agoraphobia, you literally couldn’t make it up


Maybe he is being ironic?




@backinatracksuit nails it and the weirdo follows with a belter to prove the point without a shred of self awareness :smile:


You just dont get it do you.


Colm Brophy : FG

A vile disgusting fat mess of a man.


Fine Gael TD : Patrick O’Donovan


Cant pick fault with any of that. An UUCOAM


Now that’s a face anyone would like to give a hearty slap.


In Fairness any of the two of them could do with a right slap


I nominate Eddie Hobbs. The man is shameless.