Cunt of the Year 2017


Fucking spoofing on Newstalk pat Kenny last week, shameless fucker. Some station for knobheads is Newstalk


Have to fully agree with you here Harry. Him and that despicable cunt English have to be the two biggest cunts in a conglomeration of cunts in government. How the fuck anyone could tick the ballot paper beside their names is beyond me.


Tick the ballot paper ??


I’d imagine batt Just brings a ton of black paint and a big brush and destroys the ballot paper


Man boobs? Check
Weight issues? Check
Girly demeanour? Check
Bullied in school? Check
Creepy eyebrows? Check
Underlying ginger? Check
Dyes his hair? Check
Annoying voice? Check

Result? Proper cunt


In your case, mark it with a crayon.


Niall Collins sending out a ff calendar with his spray tan head on it. Hung it over the dart board. Never threw as good.



I just came in here to post that.

I think this utter spoofer is the biggest cunt in Ireland.


He is a total cunt.


My brother was acquainted with a cousin of his through work. The cousin unfortunately had a drug problem and needless to say that Hobbs had nothing to do with him. The cousin passed away through drug abuse and who was the first in the papers writing a story about his unfortunate drug addicted cousin, giving away personal information?

A nasty piece of work as well as everything else.


Eddie Hobbs I’d say

Post of the Year 2017



Catherine Zapone or however she spells her fucking name


Fucking Cark cunt got out in 15 as a non exec director, still stinks of him though. Has he no shame in fairness.


Why mate?


Scenic route to work? She’s had a tough year. I’d cut her some slack for 2017.


The minister for childeren who wants abortion of children made legal and freely available…
You literally couldn’t make that up


I’m a fan of Katherine.


Amnesty Ireland mission creeper, and @Bandage lookalike, colm O’Gorman thinks he can decide which laws apply to him just by saying “yooman rites”