Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


He’s a shoe in for Dancing with the Stars 2019.


“brilliant tickets”



I’d say thats great bants. Still, if he stays there, he should keep off the radar of the anti rugby brigade, so that cant be a bad thing.


He’s too big a star for DWTS.


Jackie Tyrell has this sown up


Hes not a bad pundit. Has a good weekly article in the times irish edition. Assume its ghostwritten. Also on BT and OTB quite a bit and he is well above the avg


Agreed, too much of a simpleton to be a pundit, his personna will irk soon enough so won’t be on tv


It was a box or something like that, the wheelchair makes it difficult, either way she was unbelievably impressed, seems an odd fellow to nominate for COTY


Like I said, a gurning moron but not a cunt. A bit simple but good natured.



Mary Poppins won’t like that.


he is a manchild and a xenophobe




You’re still crying over that post I liked, Christ you’re an awful soft cunt :rofl:


I knew Mary Poppins would flip.


I always thought he was a bit touched to be honest.

He looks and sounds like he’s taken a few too many bangs to the head during his career, but he’s always been like that it seems


maybe because he is like that he isn’t adverse to getting all the smacks on his head?


Explains why he’s still playing at 50


He’s awful at commentating but a cunt he certainly is not. Harmless. His brother is the DRM for Munster and is sound as a pound.


Bubba Newby