Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


He’s delighted with it


Drink driver cycle for suicide campaigner Jim Breen


Finally!! Someone agrees with me :cowboy_hat_face:


If a fella goes out of his way not to be a cunt hes more likely to feature here. Fucking Donnacha and his tireless work for UNICEF and his playing pro sport til hes 40 the dirty bastard of a man




:rofl: I nearly choked on my bulletproof coffee


Top man, true story here for the ‘that never happened’ brigade.
First cousin of mine born with spina bifida was working the tills in Tesco when Donnacha rocked up one day, over 10 years ago, they were chatting away and she mentioned her long shift, Donnacha laughed and said that she’d run home afterwards, she pointed down to her legs and he was mortified, profusely apologizing while she was laughing away at it. Anyway a few days later a huge bunch of flowers arrived along with 4 brilliant tickets for a big upcoming match, can’t remember if it was Ireland or munster but he also offered to sort out transportation if that was a problem, met them after the match as well. it wasn’t much but it would have been easy for him to apologise and walk away. A thoroughly decent skin.


“4 brilliant tickets for a big upcoming match” your some arse hole.


Watch O’Callaghan’s recent appearance on the The Restaurant. A fucking clown.


Did you know he also has a kids TV show?


Donnacha seems a harmless sort.


Donnacha knows full well that it the women of Ireland think you are a loveable character you have a career .


The C in COTY stands for Cunt not Clown


Exactly. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, enjoyed harmless rugger high jinks and eked out a good career for himself. He’ll be in peoples faces for some time to come as well, so they may as well get used to it.


Harmless enough oul sort I’d say, with a decent agent. Like BOD wouldn’t have the ruthless streak for coaching or unlike BOD the gravitas for punditry, so he has found a little niche for himself, the comedy ex rugby player.


Fair play to him.


O’Callaghan seems to have a midweek magazine style rubby show on TV3 or 3e or something with Mario Rosenstock. I saw a “witty” promo for it recently.


He’s the Benny Tierney of the rugby world


It’s called the Clubhouse.


O’Callaghan has the Muldoon’s driven demented.