Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Paul Williams


Shane Ross


Today FM’s resident pony pervert John Duggan


Good call.


Billy Keane


I quite like Johnny Sexton and he got very unlucky to have this cunt as his godfather


7 posts back mate, 7!


Great shout mate


Liam Brady.


What did Chippy do mate?


Mugged off Jose Mourinho.


The diehard united fans are traditionally very protective of their managers. You’d never hear them criticise them. Its understandable that they’d ferociously defend Jose.


Came out and said he doesn’t like him and he’d be happy to see him fail.

An act I deemed cuntish and worthy of a nomination - you are aware that this is how this particular thread works aren’t you?


Very much so. I was curious as to what Chippy did. How did I interfere with how this thread works?


You didn’t. I was just asking if you did know.


He didn’t call him a specialist in failure did he?


Damn fucking right I didnt.


Or a voyeur?


Or lacking in class and personality?


Refreshing honesty from Chippy. Most people only secretly hope people they dislike fail miserably.