Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Paddy Power




Ah that’s brilliant by Chippy. What a man


A right smarmy cunt. Good shout


The bit about ringing yer man when the website went down would sicken your shit. What a cunt.


A total cunt, can’t stand him.



I’d say 2018 is now sorted also.


That’s fucking disgraceful.


This could be one of the few stories in tfk history that everyone agrees on.


Has to more to it than we’re hearing/reading.


Few of the family members posting about it on Facebook. Saying it’s true.


The mind boggles with some people.

What an utter cunt to do that to a grieving family.




Close the thread. Done and dusted.


On what basis is she suing? There must be more to this surely.


My only guess it has something to do with the ex boyfriend.


Is this going to have any direct effect on the family in question?


Lock the fucking thread. It’s all over for the year


“Mr McGrotty told the Derry News that he does not know why the legal letter arrived at his home as he is not the executor of his late son’s estate.” I’m noT a legal eagle but I’d imagine so.