Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


He’s an idiot, mate. With a touch of autism.


He definitely has issues if a broadcaster getting a name wrong has him in a tizzy.




He presented a morning news show on one of the main broadcasters in the country and he manages to get the name wrong of major celebrity following their death.

Not only is it completely unprofessional but it’s also highly disrespectful.

Cunt of a man.


“Major celebrity” ??? the celeb spotting adjudicator on this forum, can i just say its just as well you never came across her recently. You would have been disappointed with my verdict.

The man made a small mistake. It’s nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. You knew who he was referring to.

As it happens, Dolores made far far bigger mistakes. Doesn’t make her a cunt though.


You alight hon? Sounds like you need a hug.


Jesus wept…


There’s an absolute cornucopia of reasons to call Williams a cunt. Getting a name wrong isn’t one of them


The lead singer of an Irish band with a number one single in America and multi millions sales around the world.

Ah lads.


70 million.

The voice of the greatest band of the 90s and the greatest Irish band ever… embarrassing for @thedancingbaby there.


Which song got to number 1 in America?


Not embarrassing


She was a singer, not a celeb.

If you want to set up a singer spotting thread, go ahead*

  • Don’t go ahead


A number 8 single.




Embarrassing for @myboyblue


Paul Wilson


Zombie: Number 1 on the Alternative Songs Billboard Chart in October 1994.

Salvation: Number 1 on the Alternative Songs Billboard Chart on November 1996.


Not proper number ones. Only one can be number one, by definition.


you have taken her passing very hard