Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


I’m just correcting the stupid cunts on here.


Sorry for your loss mate.


condolences mate


Jesus the fella who posted that would want to take a long hard look at himself. He probably listens to Big Tom.




Mate, foreigners aren’t eligible, thats not an insult, that is a fact of life.


Go fuck yourself. If I say he’s the cunt of the year he’s the cunt of the year. I don’t give a fuck where he comes from.


You’ve a lot of anger mate.


It’s only castles burning mate.


Dual nomination.
The pair of cunts in the AIB advert that get the new caaaaaar.
Do you like mammys new caaaaaar. Cunt.


Yeah I can definitely see them being hard to beat :roll_eyes:


You’re not the adjudicator here buddy.
In fact you’re not the adjudicator anywhere so FOAD.


the cunt in the voadafone add that seems to be a stepdad but tries to kill his kid


A top top top bloke, lovely ad that.


Great shout


Recent revelations on here mean you cant be viewed as an impartial observer of the guards or their representatives like Paul Williams


Huh ???

This isn’t a thread that requires adjudication


Any cunt nominated here has to be Irish or Oirish


I never mentioned adjudication


No idea what you’re on about so