Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


TBF the Germans were awfully fond of him. And Dev’s message laid the foundations for our wonderful relations with Germany now.


Why green?


Urban legend.


I just spoke to my mate Anto Beckenbauer. He says it’s true. He also says he detects a degree of schadenfreude in your posts lately.


Steffan Effenberg says go shit in your hat.


Anto says bert trautmann wished he’d broken his neck playing for utd. “At least it would have meant something”, was how bert put it.


Brendan Ogle.

A more useless cunt I’d struggle to find.


Look closer to home


A great operator. Does his job. I used to dislike him but I heard him interviewed one time and I was very impressed, despite opposing his point of view.


Emmet Kennedy


Never heard of him.


He’s part of the horsey set


That makes him a cunt alright.


There was loads of pro Nazi / anti Jew sentiment in Ireland at the time -


That’s the Bruree/Charleville crowd for you.


Eoghan McDermott




It’s been done


A worthy nomination. He’s the type of cunt who probably sits at home in the evening Googling himself to see what people say about him. He’d enjoy the spotlight of the award too much so we can’t allow him win. Although if he did, he would be a worthy winner.


Multi nominated cunt of the year