Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


AP McCoy was on the news there talking about some horse that got beaten cos “he got done for a little bit of toe (tow??)”. Some other fella I heard lately talking about a horses position in a race and described the horse as “being in the van”

Would anyone care to explain wtf these people are talking about? Also feel free to post your own “curious horsey phrases that horsey people use”


Toe = speed
Van = Being in the vanguard, ie up the front.


Shergar literally got done for a little bit of toe in the van.


Rocko had a good post/thread on this.


Bullet in the head.


The Kid comes up with some beauts on the Sport of Kings and Equine Matters thread.


What does “on the bridle” mean?


the horse is cruising and the jockey is still ‘in the plate’ and hasn’t had to belt the tar out of the horse yet to stoke him up…


Taking it in the arse. As in “The horsey crowd like taking it in the arse.”


What does off the bridle mean?


the opposite to ‘on the bridle’…


It’s a perverted initiation ritual that takes place at jockeys’ weddings.


When a horse is going well he will take the bit between his teeth, when he tires or comes under pressure he’ll let it go an that’s what’s termed “off the bridle”…it means they are flat out


“Ah he was as game as a pebble” often tearfully uttered by Horsey People after murdering yet another Horse.


“Jaysus you’d feel sorry for the poor cunts who aren’t into the racing”

Muttered by all racing enthusiasts in the second week in March


Send him about his business


weight will stop a train - I like that one


He wouldn’t get 3 miles in a horsebox


Thats my one you cunt. You saw me post that here before


I’ve been using it since Florida Pearl ran in a Gold Cup mate