Curious rugby phrases used by the curious rugby set

Work away lads, I can’t keep up with the cunts this morning

What in the name of god is “line speed”

Joe Schmidt said last week he was looking to see where oireland would be domiciled at the world cup

Accurate at the breakdown.

Not talking about the AA either.

Scoreboard separation.


“The lineout is malfunctioning”

Get the pill over the whitewash

“Exit strategy” - kicking the ball out of play.

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“A support line”

Collision Dominance.

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Who said that ?

Itoje’s strong right hand.

Wazza G

Good hands - one professional passing the ball a few yards to another professional

roller skates in the scrum


Win the breakdown

Squeeze knees drive


Win the scrum.
Dominate at the line out.
Convert a try.

roll away tackler. Nigel loves that one and release tackler

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