Current Least Favourite Ireland XI

Not ability wise - just Irish players you haven’t taken a shine too, most of tehm probably cause they’re shite though.


  1. Nicky Colgan - Never thought he was any good, always picked in squads despite his poor club form. Blessed we never had to use him. Honourable mention to Wayne Henderson who is shite.

  2. Steve Carr - Used to like him at the start but what a cock this guy turned into. Waste of talent

  3. Alan Maybury - Ex mini Hun, wannabe big Hun

  4. Andy O’Brien - I hate centre halves who foul by tugging instead of by chopping. If you’re going to be shit, at least be tough

  5. Gary Doherty - Shit we’re one down, bring on the big man only play him up top. Disporportionate influence on our tactics for one so shite.

  6. John O’Shea - A lumbering lump of incompetence coupled with an unjustified arrogance and a fucking smile on his face all the time.

  7. Alan O’Brien - What he did to get a cap (beside choose his agent well) I’ll never know.

  8. Liam Miller - From Billy Big Boots to Billy on the Bench.

  9. Alan lee - Another “nice guy.” Shit striker, shit posh accent.

  10. David Connolly - Jumped up prick of a guy.

  11. Richie Partridge - what a let down

Good description rock. I dread to think that he could possibly be one of the senior players who the FAI consulted with over choice of a new manager.