Daffodil Day

Texting cancer to 50300 donates 4 euro…



Daffodil day is cancelled and it’ll cost them a lot of fundraising money. People unfortunately will still need treatment for cancer.

https://www.i-vol.ie/organisation-details/?orgID=00120000003sBn1AAE I know I’m not mr popular around here but I don’t ever ask for much. I’ve put up a fair winners over the years where lads are yahooing and yehawwing about so I’ll ask for a small return here tonight. This is a great cause to get involved in. It’s Giving people with cancer lifts to their appointments. Anybody can sign up but it might particularly be good for people who are mainly house bound now and might not have much work on. Believe me When I say helping With charities for the less well off will give you so much it’s amazing. Covid will be all the rage now but the Irish cancer society will still need funding and man power. I encourage anybody to consider it.