Damien Dempsey - New Album and Concert

Friend of the forum Damien Dempsey’s new album is out on Friday 1st June and that night he’s playing a gig in Vicar Street. As many of you know his December gig there was a memorable occasion. Anyone any interest in attending again this time?


Yeah I’ll head along anyway

Damo’s on The Late Late Show tonight. He’s expected on at 10pm but tune in from 9.30pm to watch him being patronised by Pat.

Bandage have you done anything about getting tickets for this yet?

No, I have had financial difficulties but I’ll do something now before tickets sell out.

Anyone else interested before I get tickets for this at lunchtime?

Unfortunately I’ve to head to the west for the Salthill 5s. Looking forward to the new album though.

Do you want me to get the tickets online Bandage?

Yeah, credit card issues so if you don’t mind getting them.

Anyone else heading along then or is it just 2 tickets?

New single on here:


Album’s only coming out the day of the gig.

Heard Masai and Chase The Light at the December gig. Now You’re Pretty Smile too. So there’ll be a load of learning off by heart the day of the gig.

Did you have joy with these tickets, rocko?

Heard they’re nearly sold out.

Yeah bought them the other day.