Dancing with the RTE Staff


This horseshit deserves a thread of its own for sheer ridicule.

Jesus that’s some gurning shower of cunts


On record so can fast forward the adverts.

Signing in from 7.00



Fair play to Des Bishop, I didn’t think he could look more cuntish, but grey hair and a sparkly shirt has proven me wrong


0/10 for the first act.


I’m taking it the guy in the yellow blazer is a gay?


I don’t know who any of those judges are. Which is probably a good thing. I think the guy in the gold jacket may be gay.


Is he meant to be funny, Bishop? My impression is people buy his tickets blind knowing he has a ‘brand name’ but they don’t realise how utter shit he is until they sit in front of him for 90mins. Some man to promote himself with such non existent comedy talent.

Anyone that finds him funny please state so here i’m genuinely interested if any of ye find him so.



Asexual apparently.


Marty Whelan in the audience, or is he competing? I wouldn’t be surprised at this stage.


Ah no, he couldn’t be.


Act 2 - 0/10


This show is full of steamers.


Signing out.


Des Cahill has buck teeth.


It seems that Hughie Maughan lad has 57k idiots that follow him on twitter. Omfg.


This is gash… only saving grace is yer one dancing with that hughie fella seems like a lovely girl.


I can see Aidan O’Shea on this in the future.


Not Des yet. Aiden o mahony. The gaa well represented here.


AOM is in some shape for a lad that’s nearly 40.