Dangerous things

Dunnes in Tallaght is having a half price sale on everything due to M&S opening today. Skobie alert. I hear the carpark is full of caravans being filled up with 1/2 price Plasmas. Watch this space for the Skobie market tomorrow…

Oh no, what’s that on my shoe, better brush it off.

Glas’s boiler

43 inch LG tvs

Drinking with @caulifloweredneanderthal

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Jimmy saville.

Kevs uncle.

A little knowledge

I’ll fucking cut you.

Twice the man of most people i know and certainly not an egomaniac like you

Sounds like a typical Cark weirdo tbf.

You’ll do nothing you dumb cunt

This thread escalated quickly.

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I’d break you in two. I’ve seen you. Not worth a fuck


Hard man last night ( allegedly ) & hard again today. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

The ballsy lads had money on it

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From zero to a threat of violence in 7 posts.


Kev got vexed fairly fast there. I must have hit a nerve.

Play centres in south Galway.


Two nice session so the last two weeks and the worst thing that happened was a lad throwing up in the shower, while having a shower.

It takes a pure soft fella to end up in hospital

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Magnificent internetting over the weekend, don’t fuck with Kev’s family is the moral of the story here lads.