Daniel Vettori

Before I go to bed tonight gents…

Daniel Vettori, the New Zealand test cricket captain, plays his 100th test tommorrow. This man is an absolute hero, a great bowler, in recent years a bloody good batsman. He is one of the great test cricket captains, shrewd, intelligent, tough and sporting.

Nice one Daniel, we salute you!

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Great thread :clap: :clap:

Daniel Vettori is a legend. My favourite bespectacled sportsperson by a mile.

My favourite bespectacled sportsperson used to to Laurent Fignon

Its a great photo of him and Lemond


Actually Fignon is probably the all time bespectacled sporting great. No disrespect to the great Dan Vettori but I think this could easily development into the favourite bespectacled sportsperson thread…

Does Davids count?


Anybody who doesn’t like cricket is clearly a simpleton. Congratulations to Vettori on his wonderful achievement.

Sorry, wrong picture…

Would agree with that. And Vettori seems to have a bit of class about him as well so congrats Daniel.

Daniel Vettori. :clap:
This thread. :clap:
Test match cricket. :clap:

Dan just ran Ricky Ponting out. Ah lovely :clap:

anyone who thinks zlatan ibra is the best player in the world is a simpleton… anyone who thinks celtic are a big club is a simpleton… therefore…

Great day for New Zealand but I wouldn’t be very confident of their batting line up taking full advantage of their bowlers’ work.

puck it out wide is seething about an unrelated matter here. :lol:

The weather is perfect for them anyway. They just got their second 50 of 7.1 oevrs so it’s a good start today. Although they are prone to capitulate at any moment so I’m not holding my breath…

So why did you bother replying to it?

Rubbish Post

Pikeman cleans house… :stuck_out_tongue:

Great century from Vettori to dig New Zealand out of a bit of a hole in Wellington. He’s gone through 4,000 test runs in this innings too. On 340 test wickets, you’d fancy him to ultimately join Kapil Dev as the only other test player with 4,000 runs & 400 wickets. That’s a feat that Ian Botham, Imran Khan, Gary Sobers or Richard Hadlee were unable to attain.