Danielle Lloyd battered

Surgery for Danielle after nightclub attack

By Vicky Shaw, Press Association

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Danielle Lloyd needed hospital surgery following a nightclub attack, her management said today.

Lloyd was at Crystal Nightclub in London’s West End when the brawl broke out in the early hours of yesterday morning.

She needed stitches for a back wound and also sustained a more serious injury to her leg which required “emergency surgery”.

A statement from her management said: “Danielle sustained a serious wound to her back which required stitches upon arrival at hospital.”

Lloyd had been socialising with six friends, including her boyfriend, Spurs star Jamie O’Hara, when the incident happened, the statement said.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who was involved in the 2007 race row along with Jade Goody and others, was said to have been thrown on to a table of drinks by two women.

An ambulance was called and O’Hara awaited its arrival outside before travelling with Lloyd to hospital.

Club security detained two women who were then arrested by the police.

Pictures published in today’s Sun showed the WAG lying on a pavement spattered in blood.

The newspaper reported that she screamed and sobbed.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said two women were arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and were released on bail to a date in July.

A nasty picture of the aftermath here.


I for one was more shocked to learn that this cunt:

is riding her:

but more power to him. I hope he likes scars.

She has been in the wars lately…


Farmer will be on the next plane to London after he sees this.

LOOK at the fucking state of O’Hara’s get-up. Blue velvet jacket, odd t-shirt and check out the fly of his jeans.
Not cool.

Talking when she should have been listening.

[quote=“Thrawneen”]LOOK at the fucking state of O’Hara’s get-up. Blue velvet jacket, odd t-shirt and check out the fly of his jeans.
Not cool.[/QUOTE]

But you like the shoes?

They’re not the worst.

Jamie will have to do without the ride for a few days.

Fuck me but she spilled some blood.

That’s messy, jealous women and drink is a lethal cocktail.

the type of craic youd expect to see outside the Chicken Hut.


Her face smeared with blood and contorted in agony, Danielle Lloyd waits for paramedics after being attacked in a West End nightclub, yesterday.

Danielle was allegedly assaulted by two women and thrown on to a table of glasses, gashing her leg and turning the Crystal club into a bloodbath.

As she lay on the pavement outside, clutching her injured leg, she was cruelly jeered. Her distraught boyfriend, Spurs midfielder Jamie OHara, had to be physically restrained by bouncers.

An onlooker said: It was horrific a bloodbath on the dancefloor. Danielle was screaming in panic. There was blood everywhere on chairs and on legs.

Some people got a bit lairy and her boyfriend told them to f*** off. He had to be held back.

To be fair, what sort of fella was he to let that happen to his burd?

im surprise he had any bit of fight in him to be honest.

A spurs man found wanting in a tussle. There’s a shocker…

Fired onto a table of glass, jaysus women are crazy cunts when they get going.

News of the World readers will have been shocked to the core to read that Danielle Lloyd - the glamour model who is passed around the Premier League like currency - has been accused of stealing someone else’s footballer boyfriend.

Spurs star Jamie O’Hara was in a relationship with model Sade Metcalfe for four years, but was recently snared by Miss Lloyd’s “charms” (read: “big fake boobs”). Scorned WAG Sade only discovered the infidelity when she saw the pair at it on TV, and to make matters worse, the midfielder has taken back the 28,000 Mercedes he gave his former love.


Birds be crazy.

Indeed, there is an old, old seanfhocal that goes-

“Bitches be Crazy”

[quote=“Pikeman”]Indeed, there is an old, old seanfhocal that goes-

“Bitches be Crazy”[/QUOTE]

Ah shite, thats what I was aiming for. :clap:

I was at a gig in Atlantic City there last year and a little Japanese bird (langers) with us fell over a bannister onto a table of empty champagne glasses. Luckily she was so light she only broke a couple and was back in the game immediately. If I had fallen on them I’d have been impaled.