My football bets have let me down in the last week or so and, as a result, I need to make some money on tonight’s darts. Flano, who’s going to win the games?

Ooh what a question. This competition has been all over the place so far.

First match of the night is Mardle v Wade. I can only see one outcome in this match, Wade to win. Mardle needs a win badly and this could be his night to finally get some consistency into his game. Can’t see past Wade here though.

Lewis v Part. Adrian has been struggling to finish players off and Part has been well below par so far. Again Part is a class act and if he turns up tonight(mentally) it should be a close fought match. Im going to have to say a draw here.

Jenkin v Manley. The Bull all the way. He’s been on fire the past 3 weeks. Can’t totally ignore Manley but Jenkins is just on top form.

As for the Taylor Barney match. I cant really call this one. Taylor is 21-20(with Powers) I fancy Taylor to win though.

I hate it when the overhead power lines fail and all the darts are delayed!

How’s the new office going Shan?

Get off here the fook with all the messin.

I’ve gone for a Wade, Part, Jenkins, Taylor accumulator at 13/1. I reckon Phil’s back on track and will take out Barney 8-5 or thereabouts.

Well I took Taylor at approx 6/1 around 2 weeks ago to win the whole thing. Crazy price for him. I had to have a punt on him

I hate the way the Dart is littered in the morning with the Metro and Herald AM papers.

Taylor just put in an incredible performance to beat Barney 8-3. He finished with outshots of 144, 121 and 167, even Barney was applauding and crowd going nuts. super stuff.

What a performance. Incredible. After the way Taylor played the weekend this is what I was hoping for tonight. He didn’t disappoint. Roughly a 3 dart 111 average. Hes back to the form that made him the dominant force he once was and is looking like he will be again.

And I missed it all due to stupid fooking NTL trying to stop people ripping them off…

What dya mean? Is this something to do with the dodgy boxes?

Do those boxes work with Magnet as well as NTL?

Farmer what box do you have?

Try the following:

If you have The Box then it should auto update itself. Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote and enter 1570,then on the menu it brings up go down to ‘Set default key’ press the ‘OK’ button and exit completly out of the menu. Now put it on UK Gold or the likes and it should display ‘data updating’ or somethin along those lines when it’s finished it should come back on for you.

I have one of them and it’s been playing up recently. NTL change the code of the channels regularly to try and get one up on the box but the box should still be able to pick up the channels. However in the last few days it hasn’t. The channels are back now but will probably be gone again tomorrow. I don’t think the box is gneric to NTL…

it’s mad they way you’re stealing & getting tv for free yet you give out about it when it goes.

it would piss me off too though

Pretty sure they don’t.

The channels appear not to be working at times but they are. All you need to do is update the box

I have to say again. WOW. What a night of darts. Taylor lost the run of himself. Christ I feel privileged to have seen that display. Full report of the nights action to follow later today.

I got a little bit moist watching this last night. Awesome from Taylor, absolutely awesome.

What were the other results? Didn’t get a chance to put up the betting last night, I was, eh, drinking cans and watching the football.