Sets of Darts

Recently got a new set of darts because I felt the ones I’ve being using the past 5 years are just too heavy for long sessions. I invested in a set of 26g Eric Bristow darts. I found them to be a fantastic set. Great grip, nice weight, nice and slim, and my scoring has increased because of them.

Then I decided to try buy a set of 24g Phil Taylor Purists. They arrived yesterday and they are a beautiful set of darts. Very similar to the Bristows except have a longer barrell and longer tip. The barrell is also even slimmer than the Bristows and the chance to up my scoring further is there.

I’ve left myself with a dilemma now. I don’t know which ones to use. We’ll see how things pan out over the next while

Misleading topic. I was expecting some chat about the trains.

Ger up tha fook. No trains the fook. Up darts!

Would that be in support of the trains or the throwing kind of darts?

You’ll be thrown under a train if you don’t get off this thread.

A luas would be more realistic around here.

Good thread Flano.

The ones that annoy me are those that start and stop at Connolly. What’s the point in going to the trouble of sending a DART all the way out to Howth and then just bringing it in as far as Connolly. The garages are all in town which means the last DARTs seem to head into the city instead of out to the suburbs to bring people home.

No value. Im off to my friends on dartsforum.co.uk now…

I hate waiting for a DART to Howth, more often then not the next two DARTs will be for Malahide and your left waiting ages. This gets worse on Sundays with the lapsed timetable.

Does anybody like the newly refurbished darts?

Its been so long since I have got a Dart I didnt know that you could get one to Malahide.

Are you getting the DART over there or the bus?

Myself and Souldressing were playing a couple of legs with a local pub team last night. This team just happened to have in their ranks the top ranked youth player in Ireland, Sean McArdle. He hammered me but Souldressing fared much better and got a few shots at a double against him.

Stop hijacking threads Flano, this is a thread about Dublin Area Rapid Transit not darts!

Stop the messing

The new darts didn’t even save you Flano?

In San Francisco they call it the Bart.

Ah sure its not about the darts. He won the throw and then hit a 137 to start if memory serves me. I then hit 26 then he hit 100. It was over already but I did hit a ton(I think) and a few 60+ scores but he demolished me

They all mad into darts in Em. They get them all the time from Connolly Station although some prefer Tara Street.

Came across an hilarious story there today which was told by Rod Harrington.

He and Eric Bristow used to do this trick where Brissy would throw the dart, and then Harrington would catch it before it hit the board. They decided to show Jocky Wilson the trick, and they pulled it off successfully. Jocky was drunk though, and said “Here, catch this” and threw a dart straight into Harrington’s stomach. There was blood everywhere, and Jocky sent flowers to the Mrs Harrington as a form of apology.http://www.dartsforum.co.uk/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Typical Jockyhttp://www.dartsforum.co.uk/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Details of Andy “Rocky” Jenkins ban. He’s some roughbastard. Im going to ask yer woman I know what Mick was up to:

Jenkins the mad bastard