David Bowie

Singer David Bowie has released a new single on his 66th birthday, following years of silence and speculation.
The glam-rock legend has released the recording Where Are We Now? as a video and download. It will be followed by a new album, The Next Day, in March.

already no 1 on itunes after only a few hours…legend!

Based on the 30 seconds or so I’ve heard of it, its very good. I love Bowie, saw him a few years ago in Sydney, he was excellent.

The English Elvis.

still havent forgiven the cunt for indirectly inflicting the darkness on me at oxygen in 2004 by having a heart attack

+1, the cunt! :shakefist:


So much more than that mate… read a few biography’s on him and he is an exceptional individual.

A great actor / model

Was great in Zoolander, anyway. New song isn’t bad. Excellent outro. I presume that’s Tony Visconti playing the guitar on it. He’s not a patch on Mick Ronson, though.
I’m going to listen to Ziggy Stardust this evening after hearing this. Pretty much a flawless album.

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They denied on the news last night that he was in bad health, which means he’s probably fucked.

so, if they had to say he was fucked…it’d mean he was probably in good nick? :rolleyes:

Bowie should be dead long ago with all the shit he shoved up his nose over the years.

Check out some of his interviews from the early 70’s on youtube.


[quote=“Chavez, post: 732676”]

so, if they had to say he was fucked…it’d mean he was probably in good nick? :rolleyes:
[/quote]Exactly. They’ve been saying nelson mandela is fucked for years. And maggie thatcher.

New album up on Spotify now. Getting great reviews but not sure myself yet after the first listen.

New stuff from Bowie, very good after listening to it a few times. He’s 68, most of his peers have been doing their greatest hits tours for years, but in fairness to him, he keeps trying to do new stuff. A very interesting artist.



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Absolutely love Bowie and you have to admire his longevity. Everything he released from 1970 to 1980, including the two live albums, is outstanding. The reality though is his last truly innovative album was Scary Monsters which is now 35 years ago. Let’s Dance is excellent but not groundbreaking and everything since has been spotty.

At 30,000ft, with taste and smell numbed, Hunky Dory is a blessing to the ears.


Ah, lovely. Greatest album ever, for me anyway

Was he not a bit of a humph?

If he was still alive he’d be outed as a sex fiend or a nonce by now. Different rules seem to apply for musicians though.

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