David Clifford

Has their ever been a hurling or football player in the modern era who has increased a crowd at a club game from around 200 to around 2,000? I presume the Munster club junior football final will be in Mallow along with the junior hurling. You could be looking at 6 to 7 thousand for those 2 games. The man is doing some promotional work for the Gaa.

Can you fact check your crowd figures mate

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I was there mate. 1500 tickets sold. I paid by card at the gate. Couldn’t imagine that game drawing more than a couple of hundred without Clifford.

I’d say he’s the biggest super star in the history of the gaa.

Himself and his brother are great racing men.

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DJ would have been close. Football has broader appeal though.

Seanie Johnston hurling in Kildare … admin lock the thread …

I have been watching Gaa a long time and I have never seen anyone with the appeal of Clifford.

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Shaughs pulled some crowds in his day.
Travelled myself to watch him in Harty.

Nobody has ever come close.

He’s not just well known, he’s fully famous. Everyone in the country would recognise him. Fair play to him, some face for the GAA to have

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Id say most people in dublin wouldnt


He is a joy to watch.

I think I’ve said it here before but people enjoy watching someone who is really really good at what they do, in any walk of life. And he is very very good at football.


Rovers can’t even sell out the horse shoe for European games


England mnt get twice as many viewers in ireland as limerick spud hockey

Put down the shovel, this is above your pay grade. The lad is box-office and just because it’s not some scummy soccerball ruffian you’re seething.
You need a few weeks off old boy, your normally keen antenna need re-booting.


How much did he score yesterday?

Sorry to upset the gahliban with the fact that the kerry bogball team wouldnt be well recognised in Dublin

Only got 2 from play. Paudie was unreal. Didn’t realise he was that good.

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Of all the bogball teams the Duds would definitely recognise a few Yerrahs.

Street urchins in faraway favellas are chanting his name when they see a Paddy. He’s a global phenomenon…

Nobody likes watching me orchestrate private clouds and its like a symphony

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