Davy Fitz- a thread for the non-believers

Kilkenny fellas Bandage, as if you needed to be told.


You also had to likes of @Kid Chocolate[/USER] and @[USER=1061]twiceasnice97 calling for his head earlier this year

And calling Davy all sorts.

Two wankers.

Bullies. They should be ashamed of themselves for shouting that Davy had ruined Clare hurling about two minutes into a game and throwing programmes at selectors.

Dont rule out Cork.

I was blind but now I can see.



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what does Davy do with himself?..does he own a few pubs?.. he’s a good lad but jaysus reading that article and if you read his autobiography he never forgets one person who crossed him yet at the same time expects everyone to forgive him when he blows up in their face on the sideline…

He has a fair wad of cash put away from his Waterford days so he can concentrate 100% on the hurling.

I believe those three years set him up for life.

Jesus he loves the attention all the same

To the winner, the spoils.

i’ll ask you to find that post runt…

It was TAN who was way over the top with the criticism of Davy. Kid would have been labelled an apologist for Davy during the league

correct, busy today, but when that loud mouthed limerick kunt comes back on here tell him to buy the full donkey ford menu on me and shove it into his loose tongued fat gob

Good interview, pity Christy O’Connor didn’t do it though. It would then have been great. Vincent Hogan is a tool!

Vincent Hogan is the finest “colour” journalist out there.

He tries too hard imo.

Christy O’Connor is a much better all round GAA writer, mainly because he played the game & doesn’t need high fluting words to sell a story.