Davy has us broke

The Waterford county board has asked Croke park for approval for an outrageous idea that will see Waterford gaa supporters paying an extra 5 euro into gaa matches this summer. Why ? Cos Davy has us broke to the ropes with his 15 or 16 strong team of experts at all traing sessions and matches. The county board have been reduced to crazy ideas such as this one and the PUC debacle to pay the debts that he has brought onto us. I can just imagine going to a match and been asked to pay 35 euro and a fella from cork gets in for 30. Ya couldn’t make it up


Don’t mind that murdering yank.

Whats the deal Cian?

Is this something to do with them giving the final away to Cork as well?

Ya earlier in the year they went behind his back to both cork and tip county boards offering to play the munster final in an away Venue if they got there. Course Davy got wind of it and lost the fucking plot. Little does he know they were only trying to gather a few quid to pay his wages, I mean expenses, for the rest of the year. He could be in for some kick in the hole yet


Its rather simplistic to put the current financial woes of the county borad at the doorstep if Davy.

The facts are that it is not easy/cheap to run two competitive Senior teams, and the footballers have gotten more expensive than they used to be. Success aint cheap.

There is also the investment in Carriganore to eb considered, along with unfortunate misappropriation of €143k on 2008 by the then secetary of the Eastern borad. Add that to reductions in sponsorship revenue at all levels die to teh economic downturn, and it is easy to see that money is tight.

Your right about all the other factors, but Davy allegedly has the biggest back room team in GAA. Munster championship is the very least that should get.

People don’t care about those other factors though really, the Davy story is juicier.

Almost Kev, second only to the setup demanded from a famous strike by the hurlers of another munster county on recent years.

Now, they really need this years Munster title. The desire for vindication must be massive at this stage in the game.

2nd out of the 6 counties that play paedostick?