Decent Journalism

A broken clock and all that

That was a great show.

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Nice piece


Terrific piece. Beautifully structured.


Decent stock, great story, well told


I was reading that over weekend. It all seemed relatively straightforward and then this section hits you:

“Perhaps it was the fact that Sunday was Father’s Day, which doesn’t mean a great deal to me any more, because Dad and I haven’t been in touch for many years, and I don’t know where he is now, but every so often something reminds me of him, and these days it’s often cricket.”


Christ thats gutwrenching. I didnt make it to Limerick last Sunday, the aul fella cant travel at all anymore, and it was on GAAGO, so I went over and set it up to watch it with him. He doesnt get the modern game, fucked if any of us do, and anyone who claims to I almost instantly hate, but anyway, he lambasted them the entire game. Not fit, cant kick pass, fucking useless. He was right, and he was wrong, but it was a pained if enjoyable in many ways experience, as are most gamewatching experiences with him nowadays. He loves the hurling, thats still pure, but jaysus he cant get his head around the football. He doesnt think much of Billy either. So he still has the senses anyway.

I’ve a lump in me throat after reading that, and partly writing this. Ah fuck it. Sons and their fathers.


Sounds like ye are doing just fine, unlike the poor lad that wrote the article.

Even allowing for Billy Sheehan you won’t regret a minute of days like last Sunday.

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A wonderful piece and fair play to him for baring his soul like that.

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Really good interview with Vincent Hogan earlier for over an hour with Joe Molloy. Seems like a very nice fella who’s had it with the panic of rushed online reports on top of all the other stuff you have to do anyway. They have it up as a pod.

You’d have to question his nomination in the COTY of the year thread last week.


Grown man that is passionate about an epl team

File under oddball

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He wrote an article on the Tipp v Kilkenny game in 2013 that was as good a piece to capture the noise, colour and occasion as you’ll ever find.

There was a line in it about the guy on the tannoy having 20k people in the palm of his hand calling out the late changes and it was exceptional.

He read out the team, then uttered the words that broke all borders of reason. "There is one addition to the Kilkenny panel … Henry … " BOOM, the rest was lost in the thunder.


Crazed behaviour and unpatriotic.

One of your guys?

That’s exactly how it was too. That was a great day. Packed to the rafters an hour before.

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Wrexham man myself.