Definitive version of Master McGrath

Ronnie, God rest him, had a unique ability to nail down a tune and if there’s a better rendition of this masterpiece then lets feckin hear it.

Great stuff. Good man Lazarus. :clap: :clap:

The noble Master, in his honour let’s hope the Waterloo Cup returns in 2011 so that the TFK Coursing Supporters away trip to Southport can be organised post haste.

Is Master McGrath not a fucking mongrel dog of some sort? They’re singing songs about fucking dogs now?! And lads think this is a good thing?!!

Great stuff Laz.

The Dunph gave a rousing rendition of this while standing on the bar in Clonmel.

Whats this shit? Bullshit.

The video footage obviously ain’t of Master McGrath though is it?
Would it be Mick The Miller?


Master McGrath was a coursing dog but maybe the footage from the track is of Mick the Miller, i’m not sure. Master McGraths heart was found to be twice the size of a normal greyhounds heart when he died and as a pup he was weak and sickly, considered the runt of the litter…

Isn’t there a statue of Master Mcgrath on the way into Dungarvan?


A fucking dog… :rolleyes:

Not a coursing man buy enjoyed that video and appreciate that it means something to the lads above. Twice now you have tried to fuck the thread up.

Honest to Jaysus you’re like a child trying to get noticed

Fuck off

I heard he also took a shit in the queens slippers while he was in England, which she never noticed it before putting them on, thus ending up with shit all over her toes.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Ahoy Tony, go fuck yourself alright? I’ll do my own thing if thats ok with yourself? Actually, fuck it, I don’t care if its not ok with you, I’ll do it anyway. You’ve been around here long enough to know the score you goon.



Oh dear.

A beautiful thread sullied once more. I’m seething at how this has turned out, Dunph, we will discuss this grave matter privately.

More a case of putting manners on an insolent whelp. He made me use the big voice.