Democratic debate #1

O’malleys hair rules him out immediately. Bernie going full press and has the crowd behind him already. Hilary calm so far but could get rattled by aggressiveness of Cooper. Who the fuck are these other guys??

Webb and Chalee. Where do they find them? Anderson is really aggressive so far but the agenda seems to be get Hilary elected. Which may be the best Democratic strategy.

It’s Bernie vs Hillary, send the other clowns home. O’Malley is one thick Mick.

Did the thick cunt just say we have to resist Assad’s invasion of Syria. Or am I just shitfaced?

Bernie knocking it out of the park.

In a way though he’s the Democrats Trump. Populist but will fuck up enough so people will have serious reservations about him. He was caught out a few times tonight where he had been napping and had no idea what he was being asked. Hillary has been on the ball all night.