Dempsey & dublin bus : cunts

barely a week after inflation busting price rises in fares and with the circle line court case probaly costing us around 5m, topped off nicely with the parking levy now we get this

I expect heads (of departments & CIE) to roll but probably will be disappointed

Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey has said public transport services will be reduced this year.

There are fears for hundreds of jobs at Dublin Bus and Bus ireann as management and unions meet in the coming days to discuss the financial situations at both companies.

Dublin Bus has confirmed it will outline the findings of a review it has carried out into financial problems facing the company as a result of the economic downturn and it plans to address these problems to staff and trade unions on Friday.

It is expected that Dublin Bus will propose the withdrawal of 10% of the Dublin Bus fleet which would amount to around 120 buses and could result in the loss of up to 200 jobs.

Bus ireann has confirmed that it is also due to hold a meeting to discuss the financial situation on Tuesday.

However, spokespeople for both Dublin Bus and Bus ireann said it would not be appropriate to comment on speculation that the meetings would propose cuts in services or jobs.

But speaking to RT News this afternoon, Minister Dempsey said that some lessening of public transport services was inevitable given the difficult year companies face.

Last month Minister Dempsey told the Dil that there needed to be ‘rationalisation’ within Dublin Bus.

He said Dublin Bus was considering a number of options including the reduction in frequency or the complete withdrawal of buses from some routes.

Last year, CIE reported a 39.5m operating deficit due a drop in demand for its services and increased fuel costs.

The Department of Transport have confirmed that a cost efficiency review of CIE is still under way and the findings are due to be sent to the Minster in the coming weeks.

It is thought that the review will form the basis of any negotiations with unions about a reduction in fleet or staff numbers

Fuck sake. What a fun year 2009 is going to be, all round.