Depression - Log Thread


Hopefully everything goes well for your sister in law.

She deserves it.


There was obviously a few issues but sounds like he snapped or it was a snap decision but who knows, it sounds very bizarre but I have heard of similar stories. I would think that the thoughts of ones young kids would be enough to deter them from doing it.


At least he wont remember it but some difficult conversation to come in time. Hope it works out


I think with something like suicide you are dealing with something so intricate - basically the workings of an individual mind who has experienced life differently from anyone else.

It is impossible for others to get inside that person’s head and think of mitigating factors as we are simply not them nor ever could be.

That said, it is understandable for others to point them out.

That is what makes depression so difficult to ‘treat’. Every case is different yet a lot of people don’t seem to get that.


Chris Kirkland has opened up about his battle with depression


You kept that quiet, congrats mate


people of oireland

Would 10 Of My Friends Please Copy & Paste?
National Suicide
0800 273 8255
It’s Ok Not To Be Ok


This fella on with Daithi and Maura now


Nicole Owens who plays for Dublin Ladies footballers knows as the ‘Jackies’ apparently