Depression - Log Thread



@AppleCrumbled - Go out and bang everything that moves.


Madeline Mulqueen the skank from the horse outside music video has depression and anxiety


John Connors the knacker from love hate also depressed


dont waste your time on jealousy

sometime your ahead, sometime your behind




Ant from Ant and Dec.


Is that the one with the big forehead? Surely that’s the reason for his depression


They both have big foreheads…I always suspected he was coked up


Ryan Philippe, actor


Eh. Wtf?


Video posted by the wife of the lad from linkin park today would make you think. It was made a day or two before he took his life. Laughing and full of life with his family. It’s a cunt of a thing, depression.


I’m in a shocking state today


It’s common enough that people who commit suicide are in the best form of their life just before they do it. The medical view is that they’re at peace with their decision and aim to make the most of the time they have left. Follows the view that suicide is rarely an impulse decision but something well thought out and planned.


It’s all very hard to understand and comprehend really


It also has to do with the fact that they have been in pain for so long with no relenting and they are happy/relieved that there is going to be an end to it, albeit they will not be around to experience it.


Its ridiculous. My brother in law who had a fractious relationship with his father spent an evening with him laughing and joking in front of everyone and they went off for pints together and every single person present was remarking about how great it was to see them on terms and that it seemed genuine. He had booked a holiday for his family the week beforehand and had arranged a few lads to get some work done on the house in the following weeks. He was found hanging in their shed the following morning. The more you try and apply logic to the scenario, the less sense it makes.


Was that your brother in law mate?

Sorry to hear that.


Wasn’t my brother in law at the time as we weren’t married but would have been. 10 years ago next year. Mrs Macs sister who he left behind is about to remarry later this year which is brilliant for her but all the stuff that happened will start to surface again in the build up which I don’t think anyone is looking forward to.


Fair play to her for rebuilding her life. Kids in picture?


Yep, one boy. Was nearly 2 when it happened. He’s had a fair roller coaster of a life so far.