Derby della Capitale - Roma v Lazio - Sun Dec 6 - Official Thread

I can’t wait for this. NCC, dunph et al, have you any plans for the game? I’ll be in Wexford but I haven’t watched a Rome derby down here in years and I don’t even know if there’s a Serie A friendly pub in town since Finnegan’s closed. Please post any team news, previews, opinion, match commentary and post-match reaction in this thread. Haven’t decided what team to go with yet but I think I’d play Totti upfront rather than treq for this one.

saw the highlights of their game with Atalanta last week. lucky enough really, Atalanta were denied a stone wall penalty late on. derby games can go anyway tho. Genoa hammered Samp at the weeekend and that wouldnt have been predicted at all.

You could maybe call around to Mick Wallaces to watch it?

Derby D’Italia on this weekend too.

cant wait for this- my whole 2nd half of the year has been built around this - i have no fear for our attack but basle exposed their weaknesseses in defense - my prediction?? I predict a riot amongst the fans

Forza Roma

I thought that was just part of tradition with this derby game?

it is- hence my predictiion

the biggest nazi rally since nuremburg

The only row is usually amongst the Roma fans :rolleyes:

It’s getting closer: