Derry City

Linked with John Robertson for the manager’s job. He started off very well with ICT, he was adequate at Hearts (not “very successful” as the Irish Times are claiming today) and then was poor with Livingston. Still think he’s a reasonable manager though and he might be seen as a progressive appointment.

id agree with that - Robertsons star has fallen so he would need to do well
wonder why it didnt work for Fenlon - he is accused of being a cheque book manager but Im not sure if he had the dressingroom at derry
Willie Mcstay did a great job at Sligo & he had no experience in managing in Scotland

I don’t know if Fenlon was there long enough to really get his way with the team but it certainly casts a doubt on his reputation. There were big pressures - but big money - with Shels and even then they found it difficult to cope with the likes of the Setanta Cup with their all-star squad.