Derry GAA Thread 🐐

That’s a tough read. Seems like a freak accident.

He’d have got bail handy enough down south.

Brolly is acting for Doherty in the case

Some further details

Regardless of what went on ,Leaving the lad on the deck for 15 mins doesn’t sound good if true …


He didnt follow him into the middle of the road for nothing either. Either way, a tragic accident. Drink is a demon lads.

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RG’s father not behaving very well in Beleek recently I believe.

Didn’t know Richard Arnold was running the Derry county board.

Joes reporting of the derry masters win today was glorious

All the best, mickey

A high profile Kerry man linked with the post

It’s big Malachy’s to refuse

I have a feeling he’s had his lot with intercounty management. He turned down Donegal but we were a bit of a shambles at the time, and knowing the Glen lads might get him over the line. It’d be the only appointment that would make sense unless Rory with the ugly stories returns.