Did you ever get a ride on a tractor?


What a beautiful song to write about his girlfriend.

Her name is Fanny apparently.

His girlfriend also has a lovely pussy

His impression of a chicken in this is class.

I am actually in tears laughing at that chicken song.

That is fuckin brilliant :lol:

Richie Kavanagh is an alright sort.


f-f-f-f-fuck offfffff

you cannot have a Richie thread without including his crowning masterpiece

Ah that chicken song is excellent :lol: :lol: :lol:

Richie is some man for the tunes. Myshall in Carlow I believe he calls home?

Moore the hoor on tour.





Poor aul Richie regrets letting his woman get herself the iphone 4

His impression of a duck is spot on too. I remember seeing Richie years ago and meeting him once when i was a young fella. An alright sort indeed and the rock n roll lifestyle never made him too big headed. Can’t believe his most iconic song hasn’t been posted yet.

:clap: We are the Ros, We are the Ros, We are We are We are the Ros …