Dinner Party Guests

Your ideal dinner party guests. The rules are simple - they must be living and you must choose no more than four. I’ll start, in no particular order:

Oliver Brady
Vincent Browne
Eamon Dunphy
Evanne Ni Chuilinn

I did a similar thread last year on TFK (I think, may have been on the other side). Except I had 5 guests (you stingy fucker Dunph).

Mine would be:
Mary Robinson
David Attenborough
Elvis Costello
Orla Guerin
Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall (he could help with the nosh as well)

Its a hard one, as there are things to keep in mind here, like gender balance, common interests, whether the guests is a recovering alcoholic (thus, I’m a bit dodgy about Elvis). But any decent host would make allowances.

On mature reflection (I love that phrase) - I may change this.

My five:

Arsene Wenger
Pat Rice
Vik Akers (to get things organised)
Emmanuel Eboue (banter)
Cheryl Cole (looks)

Frankie Boyle

Jim McGuinness

Brendan Hughes

Dave Grohl

Heike Drechsler

Madison Rayne

Dylan Moran

George Bush

Tom Brady

Kimberly Walsh

Joe Montanta

Bill Clinton

Liam Clancy
Micheál O’Muireheartigh
Harry Findlay
Ted Walsh
Bob Dylan
John Daly

Vincent Kennedy McMahon
Bill Clinton
Roger Waters
John Madden
Tiger Woods
Joss Wheadon

Tiger and Bill would have some common ground. And also Vince from what I have heard.

John Daly is a good one HB.

EDIT: Balls, Flano, didn’t see you had Bill. Fuck it, I’m keeping him on there.

Diego Maradona
Monica Bellucci
Martin McGuinness
George W Bush
Osama Bin Laden
Rory Bremner

Jim Allister