Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and other streaming channels

Watched first episode. It’s good.



The Star Wars one on Disney is decent. Mandalorian

The article mentions that’s users had their account details changed.

Anyone changing login details on a cracked account needs their head examined. The golden rule is never change the login details.

Surely they can tell where you’ve logged in from on a cracked account? Hide behind VpN I suppose etc but is it really worth all that instead of the just pirating content or lobbing out the tenner?

Everyone will be using a VPN as you’ll need a VPN to use Disney + anyway unless you are in the USA or The Netherlands.

Many will be using a cracked VPN also :joy:

They were only asking for trouble only rolling it out in the US anyway.

It’s good for the stock price.

I actually just got this email. Not signed up to Disney + via that email so very strange. They must have got ESPN + accounts too.

I see Amazon Prime are streaming Premier League games during December

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ESPN + accounts can be cracked too. Can be bought for 3 or 4 euro

Boxing Day is all Prime

St Stephen’s Day mate

English Premier League games are on Boxing Day.

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Which is known as St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland

image https://media1.giphy.com/media/7x0PA6zCKuLKM/giphy.gif?cid=19f5b51adfb474b20fd9a68c174263eb4e4af6fd8e3a3751&rid=giphy.gif

Eir have just emailed me offering me a years free subscription to Prime TV

Applies to all Eir Broadband Customers :slight_smile:


Found it shite about a year back. Limited content library. You have a look? Going to give it a go?

Is it just me or is Netflix gone to shit altogether?