Does the board accept the resignation of

@Fagan_ODowd as the coordinator of the COTY award.

Following some minor controversy that nearly got the site shut down last year. @Fagan_ODowd declared last week that he has stepped down.

Does the board accept this resignation?

  • Yes
  • No

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The poll will remain open until Friday night.

In the event, that the board does accept this resignation. This will allow sufficient time for nominations to be accepted to take up the role as coordinator in time for the running of the 2019 awards.

I stand with @Fagan_ODowd

No Fagan, No Cunt

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I thought this was @Sidney ‘s gig?

It was always Sidneys gig. I only stood in when he was indisposed and I nearly got the board shut down.

What happened?

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Cunt of the year said they weren’t a total cunt.
Supreme Court disagreed.

Who won it last year?

Balbec I think

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