Don't feel so Bad Bandage - TFK not the only ones issing apologies

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On 9 May 2008, this column published an article under the headline ‘Porkies?’, which strongly suggested that Martin O’Neill, the Manager of Aston Villa, had been telling lies in his public statements concerning the possible transfer of Gareth Barry to Liverpool.

Mr O’Neill’s complaint in the media had been that Liverpool were conducting transfer business in public. Evidence has now been brought to our attention which makes it very clear that Mr O’Neill honestly held that view. We now accept that our story was wrong.

We apologise to Martin O’Neill for the distress that this article may have caused him and have agreed to pay him compensation and his legal costs.

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Martin O’Neill’s a litigation machine. He sued every paper in Scotland when he managed Celtic. Watch what you say about that man!

PS, Pat Dolan’s a good guy.

I think Martin O’Neill and Pat Dolan are two of the most erudite, interesting and intelligent men in football.

You’re a fat bastard though Bandage.

o’neil is a dick

Would hate to support a team managed by O’Neill. Zzzz

Martin O’Neill is a very nice man.

‘Porkies’ … did Pat get a mention in the same F365 article.


You’re a fat bastard though Bandage.[/quote]

Whats this all about Fitzy?

Rather Harsh…

[quote=“tipptops*”]Whats this all about Fitzy?

Rather Harsh…[/quote]

I’m trying to get into a controversial situation where Bandage has to threaten legal action against me. I say bring it on tubby, I’m more than willing to go to court over this.

I’ll inevitably lose and then have to issue a public, though highly sarcastic, apology.

Everyone’s a winner!

who’s Martin O’Neill

you’d probably know his brother Gerry…he managed Armagh in the '77 all-ireland final against the dubs… :smiley:

he prefers to be known as Martin O’Neil OBE

Are they related to Today FM DJ Jim O’Neill?

didn’t know he got an OBE…must be a great honour for him…recognition from the Empire that he was raised in, that educated him,gave him employment…Respect…

Martin O Neill is the most intelligent man in football, no question about it.

thats a sweeping statement to make about a relatively unsuccessful manager