Draw for 2015 championship weeks away

Who do you want to see?

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Will ye even have a team?

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I thought Joe was female! :eek:

depends what night it is

Yea and team of class players sure we expect bumps on the way. But this clare team needs time. I think give us 2 years. Aim munster next year. time

Tipp no one will want

Limerick never feared Tipp.

Why do i feel ye missed the boat

no slag i just think ye have

We have Teege and ye have Davy. Who would you want for manager for 2015?

Teege is good. We have the team but Davy

Limerick want Tipp please. Even more so if they are defending AI champions.

So as limerick can beat them when it really matters…

Couldn’t find an appropriate thread to post this so here is as good as any place. Dublin hurlers are not happy with the new manager elect as they feel it would be a step backwards appointing a native. Meetings and talk of strikes etc going on behind the scenes. Allegedly. In other news donal og cusack was in attendance at the quarter finals last night where o tooles caused a bit of an upset beating lucan and kilmacud accounted for Vincent’s. Poor fare too by all accounts.

when is the draw bud


@carryharry, when is the draw.

[QUOTE=“ChocolateMice, post: 1027690, member: 168”]+1

@carryharry, when is the draw.[/QUOTE]
Bumped for @Mac.

It’s tomorrow night @Joe Player