Dreams by Choco


Strange one last night lads. I was walking along the street in London on a break with my kids and we spotted legendary singer Jess Glynn across the road, being a firm favourite singer in the Bradley house I suggested to my family that we go over to say hello to her.
As I looked left and right before crossing the busy road I misjudged the height of the kerb nearest to me and fell and injured my knee, Jess Glynn across the road started laughing at me so I got up and ran across the road and grabbed her in a head lock and began to puck the face off of her, the blood spraying everywhere was really vivid as I continued to leather the head off her, just as her teeth began to loosen and her nose became crooked my family crossed the road and told me to stop.
As I got up and dusted myself off she was roaring and crying and a passerby asked me what happened and I told him that she laughed at me after I fell, he said that’s ok so, enjoy your holiday. I said thank you and I then continued along my way, I think we were going to the imperial war museum or somewhere touristy like that.


Jess Glynn is your dream of your children playing in Croke Park. Your dream was in reach and you fucked it up. Now you hate yourself.


@ChocolateMice, I had that nap we discussed earlier and dreamt about rugby football.

I was staying in some huge fancy resort in Morocco (which used to be a concentration camp apparently but now had theme parks, safari, all sorts on site). Do you get safari in Morocco?

I was hanging out with Brian O’Driscoll, Geordan Murphy and Gizzy Lyng and we were on the British Lions squad and having a training camp there. Drico felt Gizzy had an interesting outlook on life.


Time for an exorcist


I dreamt I got the call up to go training with the Waterford seniors out in Killure. I walked out from the town. There were floods in Poleberry and some cunt in a Triumph car splashed me. Near the Ursuline I picked a couple of beautiful conkers off a tree that I was going to show the lads. I pulled a De La Salle jersey out of my bag that Kevin Moran had given me but it was too small and I awoke with the effort of getting it off me. I was all the while worried that Derek would notice my wonky legs.


Woke up about an hour and a half ago with a very very large erection. Can’t remember if I was dreaming of anything.


Did you take care of business?


Me and a few of the lads were playing darts and Jurgen Klopp was playing too. The fucker kept moving closer to the board and by the 3rd dart he was practically touching the board. We kept telling him to cut it out but to no avail.


I had a dream I was at Aer Lingus HQ the other night for a job interview.
I ended up chatting with Christoph Muller, he was American though, from Omaha. There was some screaming children near by but I was able to calm them down and he was very impressed with my manner. I woke up then.


Your kids and your love for them are scuppering your dreams/potential to make it as a big shot… they are keeping you grounded.


You have a month to live.


I’d a bizarre dream the other night. It was a multi-faceted affair including cycling, my grandparent’s old house, Robin Wright, bodies being burnt, and reversing a speedboat into a pub.
It also included a bird (the winged kind) shitting on my head.
The next day I was out cutting the lawn and just missed a bird shitting on my head. Nothing else related to the dream happened.


I’ve woken up twice in recent weeks after dreaming that there was a bird under my pillow and the flapping of its wings against my head as it was trying to escape was what woke me. It was terrifying actually.


You’re a shithead who always thinks he is (W)right —

You’re clearly drinking too much and the boat in the pub represents you and your emotions being pushed under the surface/controlled by drink - tho you were missing water, a sure sign of emotions, the boat suffices here… in essence, you long for simpler times when you were a young chap in your grand parents house.


Should i spend it playing darts?


You’re suffocating your mrs - just let her go, bro.


No - you have a target to hit before you pop your clogs tho.


Forgot to say that during the dream - just before the speedboat scene which I think took place in Italy, while I was wearing a suit, and somebody had very elaborate graffiti of The Clash on a disused building - that I pressed pause. I realised I was about 1hr30 in but still had another 1hr20 to go in this rollercoaster. Decided to wake up after the speedboat incident and a row with a group of Italians.


You ran from Italians??? You’re in a much worse state then I suspected.


I was trying to blend in with them to escape the murderous Ms. Wright and her cabal who were burning bodies, but the Italians started throwing a few punches at me. The punch-up ended up with us all in the speedboat, and me reversing the fucking thing.