Dreams by Choco


I haven’t dreamt in months. What gives?
cc @ChocolateMice


You suspect your niece is a little lesbian and you’re unsettled by this and needed the comfort of a strong man, your Daddy, taking action here as you are emotionally incapable of dealing with it.


You’re a cunt.


Sex dreams are rarely about sex or being attracted to the person etc. etc. There’s some quality in this lady you admire… Probably see her as the mother you never had or the girlfriend you’ll never have on some level.


The mother I never had?


I dreamt I was asked to join the Offaly hurling panel. Broken down legs and all. We were training in some place like Birr and there was a few @myboyblue type characters on the sideline and we were having the bantz about the stone seats and the weeds growing up through them and I made a gag about it being a typical Leinster Championship ground. The pitch was very boggy which helped my arthritis. I woke up then.


I had a dream last night that I was a team mate of Curtly Ambrose during his devastating spell of 7 wickets for 1 run against Australia at the WACA in 1993.

I ran up to Dean Jones and Mark Taylor after their stumps had been broken in half and sledged them as they walked back to the pavilion.

In the dream, Ambrose hit an Australian player on the head with a vicious bouncer - I can’t remember did the player survive or die.

cc: of @GeoffreyBoycott.


Did you mention anything about Ambrose’s wristband to Jones in your sledge? Tubby Taylor has always struck me as an alright sort as Aussie cricketers go, you’re a bit of a cunt for dream sledging him.


That never happpened


That dream is quite normal compared to your usual antics when you go to Australia.


Yea, you were in Birr alright…


had this dream last night that i was heading off with Davy Russell in his jeep and we were going to cheltenham on the ferry
on the way charles byrmes gave us a wave as we drove out of the yard-
we then got to my mother’s house where i discovered i had forgotten my passport, i got into her car and was then driving back thru mud to try to get it from where me an davy set off
i woke up then


I had one last night where I had access into @Bandage TFK administrators account. In it he had all the important secrets of TFK. He had a massive dossier of 53k files or posts with the file name ‘HBV’ cc @HBV. I could only scan things with my eyes I hadn’t time to delve deep into things. For some reason I slipped into the control room while Bandage went outside for a coffee or something, I could hear his voice outside the room where he was distracted by another person and they were talking, he was unaware I was sitting in his chair soaking everything in it.

There was one section called ‘cease and desist orders’ from famous people or representatives of same who wanted to stop being slandered and they had evidence of how they were. There was another file called ‘donators to TFK’ and curiously I learned that the Law society of Ireland pays an annual fee to be able to use the forums “consultancy services”. I couldn’t view anything after that as I heard the heavy footsteps of our administrator trudging closer so I fled from the room through a side exit unnoticed.


@bandage is a little cunt


Dreamed that I was terminally ill last night, I was very sad in the dream about it.


I dreamt that John Kelly played Rubicon by Tangerine Dream on his Mystery Train show.


I dreamt they were dancing in Guadalajara, I dreamt they were singing in Tijuana, I dreamt they cried tears of joy in Chihuahua and in the slums of Monterrey.