Driving-getting started


Hr was right. Never swerve from a dog. I have three of them painted on the side of my car.


All you slaves Inching along the freeways in your metal coffins




Thinks to self, I bet thats Donegal

Sees North Leitrim.

Same thing really.


“a tax on rural Ireland”
It’s North leitrim/donegal. There’s no such thing as tax


You would want your head examined to drive in Donegal after dark.


North Leitrim forumite @Massey will be online shortly to rectify this issue.


“This just happened in Tymon North a Girl doing her driving Test she panicked and straight into a house”




She forgot to turn the immersion off


Did she pass?


Passed (out)


Was it Davy Fitz looking to see what club Lee Chin had signed for?