Driving-getting started


I drove through this earlier today around 7.30 and didn’t notice anything different. What are they doing? Are they killing the central park exit off the roundabout forcing everyone to go towards the racecourse or something?


Stay in second all the time mate, problem solved.


Irish people are terrible at roundabouts in general. Using the wrong lane or not indicating when on a roundabout. They are also quite shit at driving on dual carriageways and motorways too


Yep exactly that. And the racecourse has a new bigger entrance. People will undoubtedly fuck it up though and look for an exit that no longer exists.


@Mac crashes into the thread to prove @cluaindiuic 's point about idiots not reading signs.




Mac on his morning commute


Also afaik, it’s starting at 10am today.


Which begs the question, why start it in the morning in a busy area. Why not do it at 4am?


Glad that I’ve been justified despite jibes from the corner boys of @Bandage and @TreatyStones.

I did see something flashing about July 22nd road changes but given I approached the roundabout from the Ind Estate side and could see there was no change to my intended route down past the racecourse I continued on without too much worry.

In short, fuck you @Bandage and @TreatyStones


Will we add breathing to that list pal?


Kia jeeps new


Always stay left but go moderate pace. Horn for everything else. I fucking hate driving to work - always arrive stressed. Bike or train - cool as a breeze


Get into 2nd - stay in left lane for left and straight ahead. In right for right turn and hammer indicator and horn.


Traffic was a nightmare going up Brewery Road the other day because of it, back logged all the way to the N11.


@mbb is right here. Keep the gas pedal to the board, doddlers like @Mac will yield ground and once you know your exit you’re sound. The roundabouts in Longford are tricky (depending on your exit plans).
For a lad looking at 40 next, your driving capacity is woeful. You can’t drive a golf ball (compulsory in business) a fucking car (compulsory for travel/business meetings/rides) or drive a load of useless cunts off this board - the likes of …


Did a friend a turn today and rode shotgun for his son who is a learner and can’t drive solo. Chap had to get the car from Dunmore to Dublin. New enough driver - nerves are still a bit shook, though I rarely said a cross word to the chap over the course of the 4 hours we ambled along the back roads of Kilkenny, Carlow and Kildare, the motorway being off limits. As luck would have it we had to stop at a checkpoint and I had to produce my licence. That formality out of the way the Garda was helpfulness itself and urged the chap to take it handy as the car jerked and stuttered forward, his own nerves shredded by his first encounter with the law.


Asking for a friend…where’s a good place to practice reversing around a corner in D2, 4, 6 area?

cc @Horsebox, @Matty_Hislop.


Find an industrial estate and do it when they are all gone home.


Here’s a tip. Tell the instructor it’s fuckin ridiculous to be reversing around corners.