Handy yokes I’d say, but very invasive.

Can we really look forward to them delivering our mail and repairing our roads?

I just can’t see it in my lifetime anyway…


They are called civil servants, mate … drone is a big derogatory

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You’ll definitely see it in your lifetime unless your quite old or unlucky. Amazon are already testing it.

An Post are already at it

Would it be difficult to teach a drone to lean on a shovel?

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Did it drop the parcel through the letterbox?
These are the complexities I can’t see working.

My Dad used to work for the council briefly years ago. He often told the story of how he started on his first day and was promptly told by the ganger to stop working so hard as ‘that is not what is done on this job’.

Think.of the changes that happened in your parents lifetime. We’ll be seeing drones and driverless cars in our lifetimes.

And still no Limerick all Ireland.


There was one in our parents lifetime!


There are plenty drones and driverless cars already. Do you live in a cave?

I’d say your auld lad was a great worker and not suited to the council.

I mean in everyday use. Carparks will probably be a thing of the past within the century.

Ah, I just read they are thinking of using parachutes. Should be a good old laugh on a windy day.

How will they get around the single use plastics ban and the soggy cardboard?

Is this a continuation of the Nadal/Federer debate?

Where will the driverless cars park?

They will fold away under the stairs.
The drones will park on top of lamp posts.

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Why would they need to park? They can go away off and drive someone else around.

It will have huge impacts. Airports make most of their money from carparks currently. Why would you leave your car in the carpark any more when you could send it home.

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What goes up the road and down the road but never touches the road. A drone.

You won’t even own a car. That’s the future and if you do you’ll leave it at the airport for someone to rent out and make you money while you are on holidays