Dublin GAA Thread

There were so many finals it was hard to keep track of which one was which.

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Another example of the outstanding men involved in that Dublin set up … such humility ,altruism … those dubs will excel at anything they put their minds to…

2016 indeed. I think Bernard tried to claim he was doing the whole campaign so wanted to keep the sponds on that one. Jim soon put him straight

Looking forward to seeing how healthy Division 2 football is this evening when I venture into (Pull a) Stroke Park.

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Philly would be a superb pundit.

“I used to think Jonny Cooper was a bit of a lick-arse. A teacher’s pet. Always saying the right things. Always doing his homework. It all seemed a bit showy. A bit affected. Looking back now, that just shows that the culture in the Dublin dressing-room, our collective behaviours, weren’t quite right yet. Jonny was just ahead of the curve. As quickly as that Dublin dressing-room changed into a high-performance environment, Jonny was miles out in front, waiting at the finish line to greet the converts. By the end, we were all like Jonny. We were all saying the right things, all looking for extra homework. That’s what real leadership is. So we’ll miss Jonny and we’ll miss Michael Murphy and we’ll miss Lee Keegan. David Moran and David Tubridy too. That’s a lot of personality, a lot of leadership, gone from our inter-county pitches this year. Sport moves on but they’re the sort of legacies that endure.”
-Philly McMahon
✪ (Irish Independent/January 2023) ✪


Magic from Philly … really captures the mood …some leaders in that Dublin set up …


No one will miss you Philly

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What a fuckin mess

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Paul Flynn should be ashamed of himself

A fucking injunction.

World has gone mad.

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The sad thing is that, no doubt, some decent people who only wanted to help out voluntarily with their local club will decide it’s not worth the hassle and walk away. Couldn’t blame them either, an injunction because they had a row with the manager and other parents.

Would they ever fuck off and cop on.

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The kids must be mortified, if they understand what’s going on

It’s all been taking too seriously …

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To be fair to Crokes Kilmacud you never get rows of this nature because everybody always gets a game at every level, no matter how many are in a squad, they just don’t pay attention to the 15 a side rule.


St Judes :eyes:

Go on …

What were the Social media posts?